American Pacific University Nursing NCLEX Certification and HICFA Internship Programs Offers a  Fast Track Path To Employment in US Hospitals and Health Care Institutions

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American Pacific University's
Medical Certification Program

American Pacific University offers a fast track to United States medical  jobs.

Students enrolled at APU attend NCLEX certification classes.  NCLEX certification exams are administered in American Samoa. The American Samoa NCLEX certification confers California and other US state employment licensing.

All NCLEX students serve a non paying internship at Lyndon Baines Johnson Tropical Hospital in American Samoa. LBJ is HICFA certified. All practices, medical procedures, standard operating procedures, infection control, patient rights and patient care practices meet US standards.

By utilizing American Samoa's immigration laws and academic institutions, medical students receive fully accredited US mainland certified and licensed education and training thus assuring their successful medical  employment goals.

APU NCLEX students are not required to possess a US student visa. APU serves as the non-immigrant sponsor for all NCLEX students during studies in American Samoa.

Upon graduation, American Pacific University graduates are fully licensed to practice in the United States, or globally, where US licensure is required.

APU NCLEX students are not required to pass addtional TOEFL or other English language proficiency exams.

APU provides job placement services for all graduates. Most popular US destinations are California, New York, Florida and Hawaii.


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