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APU's English language  training prepares students for successful transfer and graduation at US colleges and universities. Courses include ESL, mini academic courses, American culture and experiential learning.

Rainforest, coral reef and ocean resources provide a living classroom for visiting student groups. Local experts and family interaction offer research sites for long term scientific observation.

Certified NCLEX licensing and internship in American Samoa's LBJ Tropical Medical Hospital is a career path for US green card immigration and good paying job placement in US hospitals and medical institutions.

American Samoa's 1.2Gps  satellite link from O3b delivers high speed global backhaul. Our new $85 million dollar FTTX  broadband  makes American Samoa one of the worlds fastest broadband systems. A US territory, American Samoa allows unlimited H1B engineers  to work in the high tech industry.

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American Samoa Telco to fasttrack O3b connection

The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority is making plans to fast track a broadband connection to satellite broadband provider O3b. The locally owned Telco will deploy the General Dynamics 2.4Ka rapid installation satellite tracking antennas

Louisa Lampangang
Manila, Philippines After passing my RN NCLEX certification I was immediately hired at a California hospital starting at $80,000 a year.
Calixto Cordero
Barcelona, Spain My "Rainforest Explorer" certificate hangs proudly in my office. American Pacific University was a great three week environmental learning experience.
Study and Research vessel Robert Seamans visits American Samoa. Take a tour of this ocean going science laboratory.
U.S. President Obama to expand ocean preserve between Hawaii and American Samoa to 6 times the size

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President Barack Obama is carving out a wide swath the Pacific Ocean for an expanded marine preserve, putting the waters off-limits to drilling and most fishing in a bid to protect fragile underwater life.


The Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument will cover 490,000 square miles and will become the largest marine preserve in the world. Millions of seabirds, sea turtles and marine mammals live in the bio-rich expanse included by the new monument. The islands sit between Hawaii and American Samoa and are divided into five regions. Click or tap to read more . . . .


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